Szabados Emese

Emese Szabados – Contest Manager/ Marketing and Communication Manager.


As my intended profession I started learning foreign trade in high school and I continued these studies in college. In my visions I saw myself walking a clear and straightforward pathway in this direction, but then life chose a different path for me.

My first job was as a deputy marketing leader at the worldwide music gala known as the “Sziget Festival” which had nothing in common with foreign trade. But this side-step determined my career, for which I am honestly very grateful.


My professional skills then grew into marketing, sales, communication, media and event sponsoring.

I gained so much experience during my 3 years at “Sziget Festival” that my next steps were almost 15 years spent in media sales and marketing at 2 well-known Hungarian companies, one of which was Libri; Hungary’s biggest book publishing company.


After doing this work for one and half decades I returned to the event organising sector and I am now responsible for sales activity at the biggest open-air concert venue of Europe, called „Budapest Park”.


While pursuing my daily life and career, 2004 became the most important year for me. This is when I met Beatrix and Anikó. At this time it was as if all the gears of my life meshed into a perfectly functioning flow. I felt as if I had found my spiritual pathway and my soul-family at the same time. Everything fell into place.

It was a real honour to have the opportunity to use all my skills to start working with Beatrix and Anikó as well as studying with them. I began to create illustrations for their books and CD’s, so I also work as an artist in the field of visionary and fantasy art. In addition I help them in production, book publishing, web and international social communication. This is my ongoing role as Bea and Anikó continue to release their prolific offerings to the world.


I feel that everything I have learned and will continue to learn and everything I have experienced in my professional life has meaning now – and a more powerful meaning as I    use my skills and abilities to support the furthering of these life-changing teachings. This is now my main life focus. It has been a wonderful journey which I trust will never end.


And now as the contest manager of the Soul-Bridge BMS Book Awards and Soul-Bridge Art Contest of Europe I wish to help other great authors and true-hearted lightworkers to unite and to be recognized and become well-known in Europe and worldwide. With all my experience, knowledge and business relations in the field of marketing I look forward to helping our future winners advance their careers.