About the founders of Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards and Soul-Bridge Spiritual & Fantasy Art Contest of Europe


The main founders and patronesses of our Awards are Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó.

They were both born in Hungary in the heart of Europe.

Beatrix, being an Aquarius has always been an exploring and searching, deep and sensitive spirited being, who has been attracted to healing since childhood. This healing impulse led her to become a committed and persistent seeker, inquiring deeply into the root of human physical and emotional suffering. The turning point for her came in 1988, during her first year of studies in medical university. She was in a serious car accident and her soul departed her body and travelled across the bridge towards the higher realms to decide whether to stay or leave this life. During this time she had exceptionally powerful visions before her inner eye, which shed light on the real purpose and mission of her life. …


Ever since that day, which came to her as an invaluable gift, the gates of the invisible worlds have remained open to her. Her consciousness has been able to fluidly travel the special bridge that leads to those stellar realms of the cosmic sky, which have been sending their hidden messages through her consciousness and extrasensory perception ever since. Since 1988, and beyond, with the completion of her medical studies as a doctor and homeopath, hundreds of people have visited Beatrix for the clairvoyant reading and special soul healing sessions she performs as a “reader” of the Akashic Records. She has guided different meditation and self-discovery groups, teaching people about the inner pathway towards their own soul and core-being. She is able to help people recognize their real destiny, recover from past life traumas, and step out of the karmic patterns they have carried, so often for many lifetimes. Coming full circle with her childhood ambition, Beatrix’s work brings people into understanding the roots of their physical and emotional suffering. With this broadened perspective, one can finally understand the main motivations and principles of their life and can bring their life into alignment with their purpose, thereby gaining a new level of true health.


Anikó as a double Sagittarius is a passionate, dynamic and extremely positive spirit, full of energy, creative power, faith, inspiration and a special healing power. Interestingly, her life found its real course after a car accident as well. Although she has always been an open and sensitive, empathetic and generous soul, after the accident she deepened her spiritual pathway even more. She worked with yoga exercises for eight years, read many works of esoteric literature and studied different healing methods, including body work approaches such as shiatsu-massage, reflexology and Reiki. Anikó works with the principles of healthy and environmentally conscious living and from all these influences she has created a special healing method which has helped many of her patients throughout the years in the same vein of deep healing that Beatrix’s work offers.


Beatix and Anikó’s collaborative work in this lifetime started in 1999 as a continuation of their long and beautiful mission as souls together. Since then they have guided many groups and courses together and performed serious teaching and healing work for many hundreds of people. In 2000 they began to discover the cosmic history of different stellar worlds, starting with an exciting spiritual expedition into the Pleiades, a stellar world that is especially important to them.


The Galactic Akashic Records began to open in even greater depth in 2005 and at that point the Heavenly stellar forces that guide their spiritual work started sending them more and more messages. This began their process of being guided at deeper and deeper levels to gain insight into the Cosmic Genesis chronicles of the galactic myths. These stories not only reveal the history of our Milky Way galaxy, they are actually the universal guiding principles of our Earthly life as well. During this work they came to the realization that the reason they can open to these extremely powerful stellar memories in their hearts, with the deep cosmic truths they contain, was the very fact that their specific soul mission has been to hold, represent and transmit the stellar consciousness on this planet from the beginning of earthly time. And with this life, this mission has come to a new level and manifested in their life together as teachers and healers.


So following the calling and original mission code of their souls, they have self-published six bestselling books in Hungary. In their first book – titled At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration – which came out in 2003, they describe the so-called Ascension process and the different fate-alternatives of our planet, with the exciting cosmic history of each of the Pleiadian stars. It has helped many people to recognize their main stellar roots and the related emotional and spiritual qualities they carry.


Their second book – At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration II – was released in 2004 and it introduced the cosmic history of the Andromeda constellation, and of Orion and Sirius. This book also relates the heartfelt and deeply touching story of the Lemurian continent in the early history of our Earth, as well as the interesting and dramatic story of Atlantis.


In 2005, Beatrix and Anikó mastered the Art of Stained Glass. Working with Tiffany Style glasswork provided a medium for them to transfer the messages of the spiritual codes and visions they were experiencing into matter. Knowing that the grains of sand, the crystals and the trees are all keepers of our memory, and that in a very special way they are able to perceive the messages of the stellar codes, an inner imperative to create in this way awoke within them.


Then, related to this glasswork, the members of the Stellar Delegation requested that they build a Sanctuary that incorporated this specially coded glasswork. This sanctuary allowed an interdimensional stellar portal to be opened via its crystal dome through which the 7th dimensional teachings of the Stellar Nations could be channeled.


As a result of a serious psychic work of one and a half years in this special sanctuary sphere, their third book was born in 2007, Stellar Nations – Soul Families, The Cosmic History Chronicles of the Milky Way Galaxy. This book carries the exceptionally powerful and unique teachings of the thirteen Stellar Nations, spanning the galactic history of the Milky Way Galaxy. It reveals the real meanings and a brand new understanding of more than 230 stars above us, which has never been recorded in the written memory of humanity with such detail and accuracy.


In tandem with the Stellar Nations material, they also created a unique personal stellar horoscope called the Antares-Code©. This horoscope is the first of its kind and charts the stellar influences and soul family connections that were imprinted upon a soul at birth. This system enables the wonderful teachings of the stars to be interpreted for an individual at a deep personal level. With one’s personal Antares-Code and insight gained about one’s connections to their stellar worlds and soul families, an individual can expand into a broader self-understanding that can subtly begin to make the experience of life more “multidimensional”.


Over time, one who engages with the Stellar Nations material comes to experientially understand their being as more than just the physical body that is rooted in this 3rd dimensional life. The other end of the root is planted in the stellar realms and coming to know the contours of one’s unique “Stellar Mantle” can be deeply life enhancing.


Their fourth book – The Galactic and Earthly Keys of the Mystery of the Final Redemption – was released in 2009. The incredibly sincere deep teachings of this book work almost like cosmic revelations, which can help one find the real and primordial roots of all their sufferings, even from their galactic karmic history.


The extended and revised version of their books At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration I and II was released in 2012, titled Stellar Destinies. The very new and unique treasure added in this edition is the personal confessions of five Andromedan Pegasus souls. From their personal stories, we can learn how these souls had lost their stellar home once, how they had lived among us here in the Solar System and on Planet Earth and how they had finally arrived back, full circle, as Ascended Masters, in order to establish the example of redemption for us with their lives.


The great work of the two-volume book of truly unique teachings, Stellar Nation – Soul Families was also released in the English language in 2012 and in 2017 it became a Winner of the International Excellence Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards in the New Age category. This precious book is translated into German as well and is being prepared for Russian publication also.


The year 2013 brought another invaluable treasure to the world with the Hungarian release of Calling You. This book is especially resonant with any sensitive and openhearted soul in search of the true meaning and present age message of the Mysteries of Christ. Calling You goes beyond the interpretations of Christ that have been historically offered by the Church and unveils new perspectives on the messages and meaning of the Christ Soul. This has become another bestselling book by Beatrix and Anikó.


In 2016 Calling You was released in English in an exclusive hard cover printed version and in the form of E-book. This English publication has won many prizes from different international Book Awards, such as the Amsterdam Book Festival, Paris Book Festival, New York Book Festival, London Book Festival and became Finalist on the International Book Awards and on the International Excellence Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards as well, which is a great honor. It also received an excellent critique in the Writer’s Digest contest. Above all ’Calling You’ has been honored as a “Winner” in the “Spirituality: Inspirational” category of the famous 2017 Bookvana Awards – Life, Spirit, Knowledge”.

Beside all this in 2017 this truly unique book was published in Russian.

Now they are working on the English and Russian publication of their book titled Stellar Destinies, and also writing their seventh book.


Meanwhile Beatrix and Anikó have released more than 70 beautiful and powerful guided meditation CDs, some of them in English.


In 2011 they announced the first National Spiritual and Fantasy Art Competition and BMS Book Contest. The beautiful pieces of the winners art can be seen in their Stellar Nations – Soul Families book as special illustrations. That’s how the idea came to widen their announcement to the international field and to make soul bridges later between BMS writers and fantasy artists to interlace their markets and give opportunities to each other in sharing their treasures.


You can find more information about their books, meditation CDs, spiritual and Tiffany artwork on their website: www.stellarnations.com


In the mirror of their long spiritual path as teachers and healers, and being well known bestselling authors in esoteric themes, Beatrix and Anikó are happy to offer their service as patronesses of the International Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards of Europe and the Soul-Bridge Spiritual & Fantasy Art Contest. They consider it very important to form soul bridges all over the world, to bring together great thinkers, spiritual teachers, healers and writers and great artists into a virtual sanctuary to share our knowledge, understanding and the helping tools which we can all give to our world that is now in desperate need. Because they have self-published six books locally and internationally they understand the hardship of making one’s voice heard and one’s teachings and insights seen. They planned and imagined all of the illustrations, book covers and CD covers for their works and participated actively in the art design of all of their titles working together with Emese Szabados and other artists. Moreover they work as artists themselves by creating beautiful stained glass Tiffany altars.

Their light sculptures and altars have been juried and individually numbered by the Hungarian Committee of Applied Arts and they are sold as unique handcrafted works of art. Through their endeavors, they have made many contacts in the media industry and with their brilliant team they are now ready to help other authors and artists to become well known and recognized in Europe and worldwide.


They wish all the best to all the entrants of these Book Awards and our special Art Contest. They wish all success in gaining all of their dreams!